SammySak, Your Package Delivery Watch-Dog

Introducing SammySak!

Rethinking Package Deliveries

If you're like us, you appreciate online shopping and the convenience of having goods delivered to YOU. Unfortunately it's not always that easy and often involves:

Waiting on a driver to make a delivery

Worrying about a package that was delivered while you're out

Frustrated by those door tags saying you missed a delivery attempt

Calling the shipper trying to track down your missing package

Reordering an item after it was stolen or lost

Hearing about package theft more often on the news

Driving to a service center to pick up a delivery

Returning to find your package soaked by the rain

Your dog got a hold of your package delivery (Our Story)

Wondering who took a package off your front porch or door

SammySak is an innovative package mailbox made to eliminate these problems. SammySak secures to the top of your door in seconds. Put it up when expecting a delivery and let your parcel wait securely on you.

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The Package Solution

  • protects your package deliveries
  • on and off in seconds
  • large enough for most packages
  • steel-lined straps to prevent cutting
  • attached padlock for added security